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Access Point

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Q7. An attacker has successfully installed an unauthorized Access Point (AP) in a corporate network that users connect for communicating with the corporate clients. They are unaware that they are communicating with an unauthorized AP because they are able to login as usual with their username and password. The type of unauthorized Access Point is generally known as which of the following?

A. Fraudulent Access Point

B. Rogue Access Point

C. MIM Access Point

D. DMZ Access Point

Correct Answer: B. Rogue Access Point


A Rogue Access Point is a Wi-Fi Access Point which is setup by an attacker for the purpose of sniffing wireless network traffic. 802.11 (Wi-Fi) utilizes SSIDs (Service Set IDentifiers) to authenticate NICs to wireless access points.

There is no similar protocol for authenticating wireless access points. It is possible to place a rogue wireless access point into an 802.11 network. This rogue wireless access point can then be used to hijack the connections of legitimate network users.

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