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RAID Levels

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Q6.RAID 1 corresponds to which of the following?

A. Disk striping without parity

B. Disk striping with parity

C. Disk Mirroring

D. Disk Mirroring with parity

Correct Answer: C


Important RAID levels are:
RAID 0: Disk Striping, in this configuration, the server will have multiple disks and the data is striped across the disks in blocks without parity. RAID 0 has no fault tolerance.
RAID 1: Disk Mirroring, or Disk Duplexing: there are two hard disks and any thing that is written on one disk is written onto the mirrored disk. Disk Mirroring provides fault tolerance, in the sense, that if one disk fails, the mirrored disk can take place of failed disk. The difference between disk mirroring and disk duplexing is that, in case of disk mirroring only one disk controller serving both the disks, whereas in disk duplexing, additional disk controller will be controlling the mirrored disk. 
RAID 3:This takes a striped array as in RAID 0, then adds a parity hard disk drive to the array. This parity information is vital if one drive fails. If a drive should fail in this situation, the parity drive can be used to restore blocks that have been broken due to data corruption. 
RAID 5: RAID5 is similar to mode 3, except the parity is spanned across all drives, this allows all drives to be able to rebuild the array should a drive fail.

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