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Disk Mirroring and Disk Duplexing

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Q2.What is the difference between disk mirroring and disk duplexing?

A. Disk mirroring is another name for disk duplexing.

B. Disk mirroring uses additional disk controller, whereas disk duplexing uses only one disk controller.

C. Disk mirroring uses only one disk controller, whereas, disk duplexing uses additional disk controller.

D. Disk mirroring uses only one disk, whereas, disk duplexing uses two disks.

Correct Answer: C


In RAID1, or disk mirroring, one drive in the array acts as a "mirror" drive, backing up all the data on the primary drive on-the-fly.
Duplexing adds another disk controller. So in case one controller fails, the other can pick up without any interruption in service.

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