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Spanning Tree Show commands

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Q8. Which command can be used on a Catalyst switch to display information about Spanning-Tree protocol BPDU communications?

A. show spantree

B. show spantree statistics

C. show span

D. show config

Correct Answer: B


Some of the important Catalyst commands are:
1. Show config - This command is similar to IOS 'show running config' command.
2. Show span - This command displays information about Catalyst switched port analyzer function settings such as whether the SPAN is enabled or disabled, and whether the transmit and/or receive information is monitored. Don't confuse this with show spantree command that displays spanning tree information for a vlan.
3. Show trunk - Displays the vlan trucking information for the switch.
4. Show spantree - Displays spanning-tree information for a vlan.
5. Show spantree statistics - Displays Spanning-Tree Protocol BPDU communication in readable form.
6. Show cdp neighbors - displays CDP information about all Cisco devices connected to the switch.

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