Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCNP Switch (300-115) practice questions

Access Layer

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Q9. Which one of the following heirarchical layers consists of low cost, high port density devices?

A. Core Layer

B. Distribution Layer

C. Access Layer

D. Multi Layer

Correct Answer: C


The devices functioning at Access Layer are usually characterized with higher port density and lower cost. These devices also provide LAN segmentation.
Typically, the following are performed at the Access Layer (AL): 

1.Enable MAC address filtering: Here, the switch is configured to allow/deny access to network resources depending on the host machine's MAC address (also called the physical address). 
2.Create separate collision domains: A switch can be configured to use separate collision domain for each connected node to improve performance. 
3.Support for various devices: The campus access layer supports multiple device types—including phones, APs, video cameras, and laptops, with each requiring specific services and policies. 
4.Handle switch bandwidth: You can move data from one network to another to perform load balancing.

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