Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCNP Switch (300-115) practice questions

Core Layer Switches

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Q3. In a Switch network, what is the primary objective of Core Layer switches?

A. To filter traffic based on source address

B. To provide access to end users

C. To switch traffic as fast as possible

D. To provide shared bandwidth, VLAN domains, and LAN segmentation.

Correct Answer: C


The primary function of a Core Layer is to switch traffic as fast as possible and providing connectivity between switch blocks, WAN blocks and/ or any other blocks that may be present.
The Distribution Layer is responsible for routing traffic between VLANs, Broadcast domain definition, Inter-VLAN routing, and security.
The Access Layer is responsible for Layer 2 services, such as VLAN membership, traffic filtering based on broadcast or MAC addresses.

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