Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCNP Route (OSPF Practice Questions)

Exam Code 300-101

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Q8. Match the following LSA Types to their correct names:
A) Type 1      1. Network Link
B) Type 2      2. Autonomous System External link
C) Type 3/4      3. Summary Link
D) Type 5      4. Router Link

A. A ->4; B ->3; C ->1; D ->2

B. A ->2; B ->1; C ->3; D ->4

C. A ->1; B ->4; C ->2; D ->3

D. A ->4; B ->1; C ->3; D ->2

Correct Answer: D


LSA Type 1: Router link entry, generated by all routers for each area to which it belongs. These are flooded within a particular area.
LSA Type 2: Network link entry, generated by designated router (DRs). Type 2 LSAs are advertised only to routers that are in the area containing the specific network.
LSA Type 3 and Type 4: Summary link entry, these LSAs are generated by area border routers (ABRs). These are sent to all routers within an area. These entries describe the links between the ABR and the internal routers of an area. These entries are flooded throughout the backbone area and to the other ABRs.
LSA Type 5: Autonomous System External Link Entry, These are originated by ASBR. These entries describe routes to destinations external to the autonomous system. These LSAs are flooded throughout the OSPF autonomous system except for stubby and totally stubby areas.

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