Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCNP Route (BGP Practice Questions)

Exam Code 300-101

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Q6. Match the following:
A. Stub AS      1. Used by routers belonging to the same AS
B. Transit AS      2. Used by routers belonging to different Autonomous Systems
C. eBGP      3. A single homed network with only one entry and exit points
D. iBGP      4. Data from one AS travels through this to reach another AS.

A. A->3; B->4; C->1; D->2

B. A->3; B->4; C->2; D->1

C. A->4; B->3; C->2; D->1

D. A->1; B->4; C->2; D->3

Correct Answer: B


1. A stub AS is a single-homed network with only one entry and exit point. This type of AS can be connected to the external world through the use of a statically configured route.
2. Transit AS: Data from one AS need to reach a remote AS, then it has to travel through intermediate AS. The AS or Autonomous Systems which carry the data from one AS to another AS is (are) called Transit AS (es).
3. eBGP: External BGP is used between two or more Autonomous Systems.
4. iBGP: Internal BGP is used within an AS.

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