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Design a Home Network with a Router, Access Point, and Wireless Work Stations II

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Description: A network administration has made a few changes to the Access Point and saved the configuration. However, after the changes had been made, that none of the wireless workstations are able to ping the Router R1's E0 interface (Default Gateway). The technician had checked all the physical connections are found them to be in order. The configurations of various network components are given above for reference. What is the most likely problem?

The network is configured as below:

Server Configuration:

 IP address
 Subnet mask

DHCP Range on Server:

 Start IP
 Stop IP
 Subnet mask
 Default Gateway

Access Point (AP1): 

 SSID  CertExams
 WEP  Cert1

Router R1 configuration:

Subnet mask:

Client Configurations: All workstations have been configured to obtain the IP settings from DHCP server.

Network Diagram:

Network+ Lab Sim image


Since the wired clients are able to ping the default gateway, it is likely that there is some configuration problem with wireless Access Point (AP1). Check to make sure that the SSID and WEP are configured properly, and fix the same if required.


1. Open Access Point AP1 properties.

2. Check SSID and WEP. You will find SSID was wrongly configured as certexams. Reconfigure SSID to CertExams (Note that SSID and WEP are case sensitive).

3.Now ping default gateway from wireless workstations. It should succeed.

Note: Please refer to the Sim-Ex™ Lab Simulator for Network+ software to try complete lab with instructions.

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