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Copy Running Configuration to Startup Configuration

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Description: You will practice viewing running configuration, copying running configuration to startup configuration etc. in this exercise.

a. Show running-config is the command which displays the current running active configuration in memory.

b. Show startup-config displays the configuration stored in NVRAM 

c. Copy running-config startup-config or copy run start command copies the current active configuration to NVRAM. 

d. Erase startup-config will enable you to completely delete all configurations on the router so that you can start from scratch. Type this command to delete the configuration file in NVRAM.


1. Enter into privileged mode

2. Show the active configuration in memory

3. View the configuration stored in NVRAM

4. Copy the active configuration to NVRAM

5. View the configuration stored in NVRAM

6. Issue the command to delete the configuration file in NVRAM

7. Then view the configuration stored in NVRAM

R1#show running-config
R1#show startup-config
R1#copy running-config startup-config
R1#show startup-config
R1#erase startup-config
R1#show startup-config

Note: Please refer to the Network+ Lab Simulator software to try complete lab with instructions.

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