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Configure a Wireless Access Point to have the functionality of a DHCP server

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Description: Configure a Wireless Access Point to have the functionality of a DHCP server.
Configure Access Point AP1 to function as a DHCP server as well. The parameters are: IP Address range, subnet mask, default gateway, DNS Primary, and DNS Secondary.


IP Address
Subnet mask

DHCP Parameters to be set on AP1:

DHCP: Address range to
Default Gateway
Subnet mask
DNS Primary
DNS Secondary

Network Diagram:

Network+ Lab Sim image


1. Open AP1 properties by clicking on the icon. Set the IP address and subnet mask to and respectively.

2. Enable DHCP button. Configure IP address range as to

3. Subnet mask, and default gateway

4. Configure DNS Primary as and DNS Secondary as

5. Save and exit configuration.

Notes: In pure sense, a wireless access point is nothing but a wireless switch (layer 2 switch). However, additional functionalities are usually built in to the access point. These include that of a DHCP server and a Gateway. By making an access point multi functional, manufacturers are able to reduce the number of devices that needs to be used for accomplishing a task like accessing Internet using a wireless client.

Note: Please refer to the Sim-Ex Lab Simulator for Network+ software to try complete lab with instructions.

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