Sim-Ex™ Tutorial for A+ Essentials

8.0 Communication and Professionalism

8.1 Use good communication skills including listening and tact / discretion, when communicating with customers and colleagues

  • Use clear, concise and direct statements
  • Allow the customer to complete statements - avoid interrupting
  • Clarify customer statements - ask pertinent questions
  • Avoid using jargon, abbreviations and acronyms
  • Listen to customers

8.2 Use job-related professional behavior including notation of privacy, confidentiality and respect for the customer and customer's property


  • Maintain a positive attitude and tone of voice
  • Avoid arguing with customers and / or becoming defensive
  • Do not minimize customer's problems
  • Avoid being judgmental and / or insulting or calling the customer names
  • Avoid distractions and / or interruptions when talking with customers


  • Telephone, laptop, desktop computer, printer, monitor, etc.

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