Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCDA (640-864) offers Sim-Ex™ practice exams for CCDA 640-864 certification. CCDA - Cisco Certified Design Associate is an entry level certification, similar to CCNA. Getting CCDA certified ensures that the candidate has enough knowledge to plan, design, and configure simple routed WAN and switched LAN networks using Cisco products. CCDP - Cisco Certified Design Professional is the next level of certification offered in the design track. No pre-qualification is necessary to take CCDA exam. 640-864 is the only exam necessary to pass for obtaining CCDA certification.

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CCDA (640-864) Exam Details*:

Exam # Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for CCDA
Number of question in practice test 75 questions per test and 200 questions for 3 tests.
Practice test version and date -
File name, download size File name: SE-CCDA (3 MB Approx.)
Download path Download
Test engine features Multiple choice; True/False; Exhibit based questions.wrong answer review.
Screen shots (Program) test-run test-review
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Exam Objectives Covered Applying Design Principles in Network Deployment
Structuring and Modularizing the Network
Basic Campus Switching Design Considerations
Designing WANs
Designing IP Addressing in the Network
Selecting Routing Protocols for a Network
Designing Networks for Voice Transport
Evaluating Security Solutions for the Network
Applying Basic Network Management Design Concepts

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