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Sim-Ex™ Cram Notes for ICND2 Certification (200-105) offers Sim-Ex Cram Notes for CCNA ICND2 200-105. Cram Notes are intended to help you pass the CCNA ICND2 exam, providing wide coverage of CCNA ICND2 topics in detail which enable you to understand the concepts.

The cram notes contains the study material in detail for each topic.

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1. LAN Switching Technologies

1.1 Switch IOS

1.2. Vlans and VTP

1.3. Spanning Tree Protocol

2. Routing Technologies

2.1 VLSM

2.2 Distance vector and link-state routing protocols 

2.3 Interior and Exterior routing protocols 

2.4 Static and Default routes

2.5 OSPFv2 for IPv4

2.6 OSPFv3 for IPv6

2.7 EIGRP for IPv4

2.8 EIGRP for IPv6

3. WAN Technologies

3.1 WAN Terms

3.2. PPP and MLPPP

3.3. PPPoE

3.4 EtherChannel Configuration

3.5. MPLS

3.6. MetroEthernet

4. Infrastructure Services

4.1. HSRP

4.2. QoS

4.3. IPv4 access-list

4.4 IPv6 addressing

4.5 IPv6 access-list

4.6 IP SLA

4.7 Cloud computing

5. Infrastructure Maintenance

5.1. SNMPv2 and SNMPv3

5.2. AAA

5.3. Radius Server

5.4 TACACS+ Server

5.5 SDN

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