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Win2000 Prof study system

MCSE: Windows 2000 Professional Study Guide Exam 70-210 (With CD-ROM)

by Lisa Donald, James Chellis, Chellis et al

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The new Windows 2000 MCSE certification track is here! And Sybex, the leader in certification self-study material, has what you need to approach the exams with confidence. The MCSE: Windows 2000 Professional Study Guide provides in-depth coverage of all official exam objectives. In addition to the practical, real-world instruction in the book, the accompanying CD comes with the following valuable study tools:

* Pre-Assessment Exams * Program Simulators * Electronic Flashcards for PCs and Palm Devices * Sample Adaptive Exams * Bonus Review Questions * Searchable Electronic Version of Entire Book

Book Info

A complete study guide to MCSE certification exam 70-210, Windows 2000 Professional. Features in-depth coverage of every exam topic. The CD-ROM contains a Sybex testing engine, hundreds of practice questions, two bonus sample exams, electronic flashcards for PCs and Palm devices, and two complete electronic books.

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