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i -Net+™ Study Guide

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The i-Net+ exam was developed for the millions of job seekers who want to stand up tall and shout, "Hey! You! Companies! I know something about the Internet, so hire me for oodles of money!" And after you read the new Sybex i-Net+ Study Guide and pass the exam--because you will pass if you read this book thoroughly--you too will be able to join in the joy and revelry that comes with being one of those mysterious wizards who Understands The Net.

Okay... maybe it's not that great. (For one thing, the secret handshake we Internet wizards have gives you all sorts of nasty cramps.) But it is a laudable and well-written overview of the basic issues involved in working with the Web, which is exactly what the i-Net+ is testing for--and whether you're a long-term Net junkie checking your knowledge before the exam, or just a novice looking to position yourself for better and bigger things, this book will serve you very well.

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-This study guide provides all the information you need to prepare for the i-Net+ exam, CompTIA's vendor- and product-neutral Internet certification program.-New to the second edition, real-world scenarios that provide practical insights and perspective on critical exam topics. -The CD includes an advanced testing program with adaptive testing capabilities and two bonus sample exams, as well as electronic flascards for both PCs and Palm devices.

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