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CSU/DSU Interface

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Q3. Your router is connect to the service provider through a CSU/DSU. Choose appropriate interfaces used in correct order, starting from the router interface.

A. 60-pin D-shell connector --> EIA/TIA 232 --> RJ 45

B. 60-pin D-shell connector --> RJ 45 --> EIA/TIA 232

C. RJ 45 --> 60-pin D-shell connector --> EIA/TIA 232

D. EIA/TIA 232 --> RJ 45 --> 60-pin D shell connector

Correct Answer: A


Traditionally, the router interface on a serial link is a 60-pin D-shell connector. The CSU/DSU may have EIA/TIA 232 interface to the router. The CSU/DSU interface to the service provider could be RJ-11, RJ-45 etc.

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