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Exam: 70-215

Installation using network drive.

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Q7. Lisa is a network admin at Cosmo Communications. She already setup 15 Windows 2000 Professional computers for use by the staff of the Company. Now she wants to install Windows 2000 Server on a band new computer with a 40GB unformatted Hard Disk. The computer has standard hardware including a Floppy disk drive WITHOUT a CDROM drive. What she needs to do to install Windows 2000 Server from a network drive?

A. Use Windows 2000 Setup disks to format the hard drive and install Windows 2000 Server Operating System.

B. Boot the computer to MSDOS using Floppy Disk Drive, and format the hard drive. Install network drivers and connect to the network drive containing Windows 2000 installation files. Start Windows 2000 installation by issuing winnt.exe command.

C. Boot the new computer using Windows 2000 Rescue disk. Choose Install option when prompted to the network drive.

D.Use Windows 2000 Boot disks to format the hard drive. Use boot disks to install Windows 2000 Server OS over the network.

Correct Answer: B


There are three ways to install Windows 2000 Server operating system:
1. From CD ROM drive: If your computer has a supported CDROM drive (list on HCL), you can start the installation directly from the CDROM drive. If your computer doesn't support booting from the CDROM drive directly, you can use Boot Disks to start the installation process.
2. Using Winnt.exe: This option is useful if you are having an unsupported CDROM drive. Also, if you want to install Windows 2000 OS over the network, use Winnt.exe. Prior to running Winnt.exe, you need to boot to MSDOS or Win95/98 DOS. Also, if you are installing over the network, ensure that you are connected to the network drive by installing network drivers.
3. By using Win32.exe: This option is used to upgrade existing installation of WIn95/98/NT Work Station/NT Server. Win32.exe is also used when installing to a different folder for dual boot.

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