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File System permissions.

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Q8. Which permissions can be applied to a file on an NTFS partition on a Windows 2000 Computer? [Choose all that apply].

A. Read

B. Write

C. Take Ownership

D. No Access

Correct Answer: A,D


The standard Windows 2000 NTFS permissions that can be applied to files are given below:

1. Read: View the file's contents, attributes.

2. Read& execute: Users can read and execute the file

3. Write: Write, or append data to the file, view files attributes

4. Modify: Users can read, write, execute, and/or delete the file

5. Full Control: Users will have full control on the file. They can change the file permissions and take ownership of the file.

Remember that the NTFS file permissions are always in effect to all users and processes.

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