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Disk Volumes

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Q6.Which of the following disk volumes does Windows 2000 Professional support? [Select 2].

A. Striped volume

B. Mirrored volume

C. RAID-5 volume

D. Spanned volume

Correct Answer: A,D


Windows 2000 Operating systems support 5 different volume types:

Simple volumes
Spanned volumes
Striped volumes
Mirrored volumes
RAID-5 volumes
A simple volume consists of a formatted disk on a single hard disk.

A Spanned volume consists of disk space on more than one hard disk.

A Striped volume has disk space on 2 or more disks. The disk spaces must be same on all disks. Fastest disk access among all volume types. RAID level 0.

A mirrored volume consists of a Simple volume that is mirrored in total, onto a second dynamic disk. Provides highest level of fault tolerance. Mirroring is RAID level 1

A RAID-5 volume consists of identical sized disk space located on three or more dynamic disks. Here any single disk failures can be recovered.

Note that Windows 2000 Professional doesn’t support Mirrored and RAID-5 volumes, where as other Windows 2000 Operating Systems (2000 Server, Advanced Server) support.

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