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OS Upgradation

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Q4. You intend to upgrade your existing Windows 95 computer to Windows 2000 Professional. Which of the following precautions you need to take before the upgrade? [Choose all that apply].

A. Check that the hardware is meeting at least the minimum requirement

B. Ensure that the upgrade packs are available, if required for all the applications that you are currently using on Windows 95 computer

C. Use Winnt32.exe /checkupgradeonly utility to ensure that all hardware and software requirements are met

D. Upgrade the Windows 95 to Windows NT 4 WS, so that upgrade to Windows NT 2000 Professional can be done.

Correct Answer: A,B,C


You need to ensure the following before the upgrade:

The hardware is adequate for upgrading to Windows 2000 Professional
Also, check the hardware, software adequacy by running Winnt32.exe / checkupgradeonly. Note that the switch "checkupgradeonly" will output a report on the adequacy of hardware and software. It will also warn you if any applications need upgrade packs, which may be obtained from respective application vendors, if available. If the software upgrade pack is not installed for any application, the application may be rendered unusable!
It is also recommended, if you are upgrading on a large population, to upgrade only one work station, and check whether the application softwares are running properly.

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