Sim-Ex™ Practice Exams for MCSE Win. 2000 Professional : Practice Questions

Installation Requirements

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Q1. You have an old computer that you are presently using. You want to install Windows 2000 Professional on this computer. What are the minimum hardware requirements to install this operating system?

A. Pentium 120 MHz / 16MB RAM/ 320MB hard disk space

B. Pentium 133 MHz / 32 MB RAM/ 500MB hard disk space

C. Pentium 133 MHz/ 64MB RAM/ 640MB hard disk space

D. Pentium II / 128 MB Ram / 1GB hard disk space

Correct Answer: C


Minimum hardware requirements for installing Windows operating system:

Hardware component Windows 2000 Prof. Windows 2000 Ser/ Ad Ser.
Processor Pentium/133MHz Pentium/133MHz
Memory 64MB 256MB
HD space 640MB 1GB
Display VGA or better VGA or better
Network card(Required for over the network installation) Optional Optional
CD ROM Drive(unless loading from network) Required Required

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