VLAN/VTP Practice Questions

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Q1: Match the trunking protocols with respective media:
1. Inter Switch Link     A. FDDI
2. LANE     B. Fast Ethernet
3. 802.10     C. ATM
Choose the correct choice.

A. 1-> C, 2->B, 3->A

B. 1->B, 2->C, 3->A

C. 1->B, 2->A, 3->C

D. 1->A, 2->B, 3->C

Correct Answer: B


ISL, 802.1Q are the VLAN trunking protocols associated with Fast Ethernet. The VLAN trunking protocol defined by 802.10 is associated with FDDI. LANE (LAN Emulation) is associated with ATM.

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