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Q4. You are configuring LMHOSTS file on your computer, which is a non-WINS client. You need to browse the resources on another domain in different subnet. What is the correct command used to configure LMHOSTS file?

A. computername ip-address #PRE #INCLUDE Domain_name

B. Computername ip-address #PRE #DOM:domain_name

C. ip_address Computername #PRE #INCLUDE:domain_name

D. ip_address Computername #PRE #DOM:domain_name

Correct Answer: B


The correct format for accessing the computer on different domain is :

"computername ip_address #PRE #DOM:domain_name".

Please note that this is required only for non WINS client.

Don't confuse NT domains with Internet FQDN. What we mean domain here is Windows Domain.

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