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Internet Troubleshooting

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Q3. A Windows 95 user complains that she cannot connect to any other computers on her local subnet even when using the IP address to communicate. However, she can ping and receive a reply. Other users on her subnet do not report having any trouble. All client computers on the network are WINS-enabled. What is the most probable cause of the problem?

A. The TCP/IP stack is not installed properly

B. The subnet mask is not correct, check whether the subnet mask is configured correctly.

C. The default gateway is not configured properly.

D. The computer is not configured to use LMHOSTS

Correct Answer: B


The most likely cause is that the subnet mask is not configured properly. If the TCP/IP stack is not installed properly, you will not be able to ping the local host ( Also, even if the default gateway is wrongly configured, you will at least be able to ping the computers on the local subnet.

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