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Q8. You are hosting a Web Site which contain some Web pages using Perl Script. You find that none of the users are able to see Web pages which contain Perl script. What is the likely cause?

A. Perl interpreter which gets installed as part of IIS4.0, needs to be pointed by modifying the Properties of Scripts folder.

B. You can not use Perl Scripts on Microsoft Web Server. Microsoft Web server doesn't support it.

C. You need to install Perl interpreter on the Web Server.

D. Perl interpreter needs to be installed as plug-in on all client machines.

Correct Answer: C


If your CGI programs are scripts, obtain and install the appropriate script interpreter. For example, to run Perl scripts, you must obtain a Perl interpreter. The Windows NT operating system release do not provide versions of Perl, SED, or AWK. A Perl interpreter is available in the Windows NT Resource Kit.

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