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Q10. You want to setup an intranet Web site for your company, to be accessed by every one in your company. You also have a directory 'news' on the intranet that can be accessed only by the Managers of the company. How do you enable this?
Proposed solution:
Install NT Server 4.0 and IIS4.0 on FAT partition. Set Read access in the Web server properties Home directory. Create a virtual directory 'news' on the same partition. Using MMC, configure the directory security tab for the directory 'news' so that 'Allow Anonymous Access' is cleared and Windows NT Challenge / Response box is checked. Also, set appropriate share level access permissions to the directory 'news'.

A. This arrangement will not allow the directory "news" to be accessed by intended group.

B. The proposed solution meets the desired result

C. All users who have valid username and Password on the NT computer and able to access the Web site, will also be able to access the directory 'news'

D. Anonymous Users will be able to access the directory 'news'

Correct Answer: C


Users log on to the Internet Server with the privileges of Local Users. When a directory is setup on the IIS computer with FAT partition, share permissions will not apply. Therefore, all users, who have valid username and password (This is because you enabled NT Challenge / Response) will be able to access the directory "news".

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