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Dos (Denial of Sevice) attacts

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Q2. A DoS attack that sends a flood of synchronization (SYN) requests and never sends the final acknowledgement (ACK) is typically known as which of the following?

A. Smurf

B. Ping Flood

C. Fraggle

D. SYN flood

Correct Answer: D


Some important types of Denial of Service attacks are as given below:

Smurf: This attack is based on ICMP requests. Here the attacker sends ping requests to broadcast addresses of networks. However, the source address of the ping request is replaced with a victim's device. As a result, the victim's device gets flooded with unwanted traffic.

Ping flood: Here the attacker directly sends the ping requests to the victim's computer in such a way that the target computer gets flooded with unwanted traffic.

Fraggle: Similar to Smurf. However, uses UDP packets that are directed at port 7 (Echo) or port 19 (chargen).

SYN flood: Here the attacker sends a flood of synchronization requests and never sends the final acknowledgment. This results in numerous TCP open sessions and eventually denying a TCP session to genuine users.

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