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DNS Records

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Q8. Which type of resource record you need to add to your domain on your NT server computer, that identifies the mail server?




D. A Record

Correct Answer: C


A zone file contains the resource records for the part f the domain for which the zone is responsible. Some of the resource records are:
1. SOA (Start Of Authority Record): The first record in any zone file is the SOA record. The SOA file contains some general parameters such as contact e-mail of the person responsible for this zone file, the host on which zone file is maintained etc.
2.The NS Record (Name Server Record): NS Record contains the name servers for this domain. This will enable other name servers to look up names in your domain.
3. MX Record (Mail Exchange Record): MX record tells us which host processes mail for this domain.
4. Host Record (A Record): A host record is used to statically associate hosts names to IP addresses within a zone. The syntax for this is
<hostname> IN A <ip address of the host>
NameServer1 IN A
Here 'NameServer1' is the host name and is its ip address.
CNAME Record (Canonical name): These records allow you to use more than one name to point to a single Host. Using CNAME, you can host both WWW and FTP servers on the same machine.

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