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Internet Fundamentals - Address Resolution

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Q4. Match the following?
1. ARP A. Used by a diskless machine to obtain its IP address when powered on.
2. RARP B. Used to resolve IP address to MAC address
3. BootP C. Used to resolve MAC address to IP address

A. 1-->A; 2-->C; 3-->B

B. 1-->C; 2-->B; 3-->A

C. 1-->B; 2-->A; 3-->C

D. 1-->B; 2-->C; 3-->A

Correct Answer: D


ARP (Address Resolution Protocol): IP works at network layer. IP address is a logical address. If a packet is to be delivered to a destination machine, its physical address (MAC address) needs to be known. ARP is a protocol, which enables a machine to obtain its MAC address from a know IP address.

RARP (Reverse Address Resolution Protocol): RARP is used to obtain IP address from a known MAC address.

BootP (Bootstrap Protocol): When a diskless workstation is powered on, it broadcasts a BootP request on the network. A BootP server responds with its IP address, Default gateway, etc.

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