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Log Viewer GUI

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Q9. Roberts is an administrator at Eznetworks that uses FireWall-1 for securing the network. He wants to observe any threats that might be recorded due to attempted hostile attacks on his company's network. Which GUI can be used to identify such attacks?

A. Policy Editor GUI

B. Log Viewer GUI

C. System Status GUI

D. Security Identification GUI

Correct Answer: B


GUIs that are available in FireWall-1 include the following:

1. Policy Editor GUI: Used for creating rules and network objects. Depending on the options, it includes a) Security Policy b) Address Translation c) QoS d) Desk Top Security

2. Log Viewer GUI: Used for viewing log files that are composed for events recorded as per the Rule Base and also other events such as security alerts, important system events.

3. System Status GUI (System Manager): Enables the real time monitoring of all FireWall modules and alerting. Communication and traffic flow statistics are also displayed.

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