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VLAN trunking

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Q2. Which of the following VLAN trunking method uses Cisco proprietary "encapsulation" protocol for VLAN identification?


B. 802.10

C. 802.1Q


Correct Answer: D


1. ISL: A Cisco proprietary trunking protocol, associated with Ethernet. Supported by Catalyst switches and routers. ISL uses "encapsulation" of Ethernet frame for multiplexing multiple VLANs over a trunk line.
2. 802.1Q: This is an IEEE standard for the VLAN trunking protocols, associated with Ethernet. A VLAN identifier is inserted into the frame header, a technique called frame tagging.
3. 802.10: A Cisco proprietary method for transporting VLAN information inside the standard 802.10 FDDI frames.
4. LANE : LANE stands for LAN Emulation and is associated with ATM. This is an IEEE standard for transporting frames over ATM networks.

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