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Cisco Works, Open View, Traffic Director

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Q3. Which of the following Cisco tool is most suitable for device-level monitoring, configuration, and control of a network and uses SNMP?

A. TrafficDirector

B. OpenView

C. CiscoWorks

D. Netsys Baseliner for Windows NT

Correct Answer: C


CiscoWorks is an important network management product from Cisco. CiscoWorks uses SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) for monitoring and control of SNMP capable devices on a network. One of the big advantages of CiscoWorks is that it can be seamlessly integrated with third party SNMP network management platforms such as HP OpenView.
TrafficDirector is used in conjunction with the embedded RMON agents (on Cisco switches etc.) allow us to measure traffic utilization, error rates, and other statistical parameters on any selected port(s).
OpenView is a Network Management Service (NMS) product from Hewlett-Packard.
Netsys is a suite of simulation based design and troubleshooting tools. These tools allow designers to plan the network and see the network behaviour before committing the designs or changes to the actual network.

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