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Span Port Configuration

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Q10. Which command is used in a catalyst 5000 switch to view mirroring of one port to another port for subsequent packet capture and analysis by a protocol analyzer?

A. debug span

B. show spantree

C. Show span

D. show spanning-tree

Correct Answer: C


The following two commands are useful for setting up a span port and verifying the span port configuration.
1. Set span - This command sets a port or vlan to be monitored.
Ex: set span 5 3/8 both
In the above command, vlan 5 is monitored by port 3/8. The argument 'both' enables monitoring in both the directions.
Ex2: set span 3/7 3/8 both
In the above command, port 3/7 is monitored by port 3/8 in both the directions (both transmit/receive traffic).
2. Show span
This command displays the span configuration.

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