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Q6. You plan to connect your central office with other branch offices using MPLS VPN WANs from a Service Provider. You already have an OSPF running in your organization. Which of the following are true? (Choose 2 best answers)

A. MPLS PEs form a backbone area

B. Each PE-CE link must reside in area 0

C. MPLS uses MPBGP to redistribute routes

D. The Area 0 may exist only in the Service providers (SP) network. Customer needs to redesign the OSPF network before integrating with the SP for MPLS VPN over OSPF.

E. The PE-CE link may or may not be in the backbone area, depending on the network configuration

Correct Answer: A and E


1. MPLS PEs form a backbone area
2. Each PE-CE link can be any area.
3. MPLS uses MPBGP to redistribute routes
4. The Area 0 may exist in both customer premise as well as the Service providers (SP) network.

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