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configuring route map

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Q3. Which of the following is a properly formed route map statement that will set the metric to 50, when the incoming ip address matches Assume route map name map1.

A. routemap map1 permit 10

B. route-map map1 permit 10

C. route-map map1 deny 10

D. route-map map1 permit 10

Correct Answer: D


When configuring route map, the match and set route map configuration commands are used to define the condition portion of a route map. The match command specifies a criteria that must be matched, and the set command specifies an action that is to be performed if the routing update meets the condition defined by the match command. Here the sequence number of 10 is used. Route map starts with the lowest sequence number and go on with increasing sequence numbers (if exists) till a match is occurred. Once a match occurs, it stops there and performs the match/set statements on the route. If no match occurs, there is an implicit deny at the end and the route is not redistributed or controlled.

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