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Features of RADIUS server

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Q3. Which of the following are the features of RADIUS server? (Choose 3 best answers)

A. Provides granular control by checking Authorization commands

B. Uses TCP port

C. All packets are encrypted between the server and the client

D. Provides extensive accounting capability

E. Only the password is encrypted in packets transiting between the server and the client.

F. Open standard, and widely supported

Correct Answer: D,E,F


The following are the important features of RADIUS server:

  • Open standard, and widely supported. Note that TACACS+ is a Cisco proprietary standard, but well supported too.
  • Use UDP port
  • Provides extensive accounting capability when compared with TACACS+ server
  • Only the password is encrypted in packets transiting between the RADIUS server and the client (any device acting as client, such as a router or a switch or a host computer). On the other hand, TACACS+ provides complete encryption for communication between the TACACS+ server and the client.
  • There is a new upgrade expected, named Diameter.

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