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Cisco DNA Center Assurance

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Q11. Which is a function of the Proactive Insights feature of Cisco DNA Center Assurance?

A. Pointing out where the most serious issues are happening in the network

B. Generating synthetic traffic to perform tests that raise awareness of potential network issues

C. Enabling you to quickly view all of the contextual information related to a single use

D. Enabling you to see the complete path of packets from the client to the end application

Correct Answer: D


The DNA center provides Path trace feature that allows the operator to visualize the path of an application or service from the client through all devices and to the server. A common, and critical, troubleshooting task that normally requires 6 to 10 minutes is displayed instantly upon clicking on a client or application. Troubleshoots issues along the network path. Using this feature, you can
1. Run a path trace from source to destination to quickly get key performance statistics for each device along the network path
2. Identify access control lists (ACLs) that may be blocking or affecting the traffic flow

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