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Router Configuration and Troubleshooting Labs : TFTP

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Description: In this lab exercise, we will be configuring WS1 as a TFTP Server. Then we shall back up router R1's configuration and restore it to the TFTP Server.


1. Configure WS1 to have an IP Address of and a default gateway of (The WS1 is automatically enabled to be a TFTP Server) 

2. Ping WS1 from R1

3. On R1, copy your running configuration to the TFTP Server. Enter the IP Address of the TFTP Server ( when prompted and also enter the filename when prompted

4. Now restore the configuration you saved on the TFTP Server to NVRAMon R1. Determine whether R1’s NVRAM is currently empty by issuing show startup-config command

5. Restore the configuration from TFTP Server to NVRAM on R1 by issuing appropriate copy command (Enter WS1’s IP Address and previously saved file name when prompted)

6. Issue show startup-config command to view the restored configuration file in NVRAM

Note: Please refer to the Network+ Lab Simulator software to try complete lab with instructions.

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