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Security policy audit

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Q10. Which of the following policies describes the type of authorization required to perform a port scan of an organization's internetwork?

A. Acceptable use policy

B. Antivirus policy

C. Audit policy.

D. Nondisclosure agreement

Correct Answer:C


Security policies describe the vulnerability assessments, incident-response guidelines, logs, and other security procedures. Some of the important security policies are:

1. Acceptable use policy: Describes the acceptable use of an organization's resources including computer hardware, software, email, and Internet resources.

2. Antivirus policy: Describes the measures to be taken for preventing and/or curing virus damage to a Corporate computer network.

3. Audit policy: An Audit policy helps you get the following:

a. Risk assessment, identification of all the potential threats and vulnerabilities within a company's IT systems, covering policies, processes, networks and applications.
b. Details of authorization, investigation, and user compliance.
c. A baseline for developing your organization's information security strategy.

4. Non-disclosure agreement: Agreement with a user for preventing sensitive information disclosure.

5. Password Policy: Describes password requirements including password length, duration, and guidelines.

6. Remote Access Policy: Describes access requirements for remote users.

7. Server security policy: Describes the security precautions to be taken such as isolating the internal server from web server (through the use of buffer zones such DMZ).

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