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Authentication schemes supported by FireWall-1


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Q9. Which are the three types of Authentication schemes that are supported by VPN-1/FireWall-1? [choose 3].

A. Network Authentication

B. User Authentication

C. Session Authentication

D. Client Authentication


Correct Answer: B, C, D


The three types of Authentication schemes supported by VPN-1/FireWall-1 are:
1. User Authentication: User Authentication gives access on a per user basis. This can be used for Telnet, FTP, RLOGIN and HTTP,HTTPS. Separate Authentication is required for each connection. 
2. Session Authentication: Session Authentication can be used with any service, and Session Authentication is required for each connection as in User Authentication.
3. Client Authentication: Client Authentication gives access on a per host basis. Once a Client is Authenticated, it can be used for any number of conncetions, for any service. Client Authentication is recommended when the client is a single user machine such as a desktop.

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