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CCNA 640-802
Exam Practice Questions

IP address range classification (Class A, Class B, Class C and Class D)


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Q1. Which of the following is Class C IP address?





Correct Answer: D.


IP addresses are written using decimal numbers separated by decimal points. This is called dotted decimal notation of expressing IP addresses. The different classes of IP addresses is as below:

Class      Format              Leading Bit Pattern    Network address  Range       Maximum  nets       Maxiimum  hosts

A                N.H.H.H          0                         0 - 126                                127                         16,777,214

B                N.N.H.H         10                     128 - 191                               16,384                         65,534

C                N.N.N.H         110                   192 - 223                          2,097,152                             254

Network address of all zeros means "This network or segment".

Network address of all 1s means " all networks", same as hexadecimal of all Fs.

Network number 127 is reserved for loopback tests.

Host (Node) address of all zeros mean "This Host (Node)".

Host (Node) address of all 1s mean "all Hosts (Nodes) " on the specified network.


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