A+™ Certification

1. What is A+ Certification?

A+ Certification is awarded by CompTIA (Computing Technology Industry Association) and signifies the competency achieved in configuring and troubleshooting PC hardware and software (Operating Systems).  The certification exams are computer based, and conducted by Sylvan Prometric and VUE testing centers. The certification is recognized by leading hardware, software, and firmware manufacturers, resellers, and support centers. The certification, being widely recognized, offers improved job prospects in the field of computer assembly, and servicing. There are no pre-requisites for taking this exam. The only requirement being payment of exam fee, which is about US$ 90 to US$ 225 (Depending on membership discounts). The A+ certification is composed of 2 individual exams. A+ Core 1 exam, and A+ Core 2  exam. The exam code for the A+ Core 1 exam is 220-1001. The exam code for the A+ Core 2 exam is 220-1002. The tests contain identification and situational questions in an adaptive format.

2. What are the test requirements?

As mentioned previously, to attain A+ certification, you must pass two exams. A+ Core 1, and A+ Core 2. Broadly, the exam objectives for each exam are given below:

A+ Core 1 Exam Objectives:

  • Mobile Devices 14%

  • Networking 20%

  • Hardware 27%

  • Virtualization and Cloud Computing 12%

  • Hardware and Network Troubleshooting 27%

A+ Core 2 Exam Objectives:

  • Operating Systems 27%

  • Security 24%

  • Software Troubleshooting 26%

  • Operational Procedures 23%

The practice tests provided by SimulationExams.com covers the exam objectives thoroughly, and help in passing the exams first time. You can down load the A+ practice test here.

3. Other A+ Certification FAQ:

How long will it take to prepare for A+ certification exams?

If you are preparing for A+ exams yourself (self learning), it is likely to take about 2-3 months of preparation (Assuming 3-4 hours of study per day). However, please note that the preparation time greatly depends on the background. If you are already involved in the assembly, and servicing of computers, you may find it easy, and may require almost no preparation. On the other hand, if you are new to computer hardware and software, it may take about 6 months (assuming you don't take any formal classroom coaching). 

You can find some useful  Certification books here.

What is the exam fee and who conduct the exams?

The exam fee for each of the exams (A+ Core 1 and A+ Core 2) may range from US$90 up to US$ 225. If you are a member of CompTIA, the exam fee discounts apply. The exams are computer based, and Sylvan Prommetric (and VUE) conduct these exams. 

What is the format in which the exams are delivered?

The exams are computer based, and adaptive. Adaptive tests adjust the next question based on the answer to your current question, and helpful in greatly reducing the exam time.

Is it available in German or Japanese language?

Yes, A+ exam is available in English, Japanese, Spanish, French and German.

How long the certification is valid?

The certifications offered by CompTIA are valid for a life time. Though, it is recommended that you retake your certification when new exams are available, it is not compulsory. 

What other certifications are available from CompTIA?

The other certification available are Server+, Network+, iNet+, Linux+, etc.


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