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CCNA 640-802
Exam Practice Questions

OSI and DoD models comparison

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Q6. Match the corresponding layers of ISO and DoD models?

            DoD Model <--------->     ISO OSI Model

            A. Process/Application        1. Application

            B. Host-to-Host                 2. Presentation

            C. Internet                        3. Session

            D. Network Access              4. Transport

                                                   5. Network

                                                   6. Data Link

                                                   7. Physical

Choose best choice:

    A.  A->1+2; B->3+4; C->5; D->6+7

    B.  A->1+2+3; B->4; C->5; D->6+7

    C.  A->1+2+3; B->4; C->5+6; D->7

     D.  A->1+2+3; B->4+5; C->6; D->7

Correct answer: B


DoD Model maps to OSI model as below:

Process/ Application maps to OSI's Application, Presentation,Session layers (layers 7,6,5).

Host-to-Host maps to ISO's Transport layer (layer 4).

Internet maps to ISO's Network layer (layer 3).

Network Access maps to ISO's Data Link and Physical Layers (layers 6,7).


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